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Health Care Law Brings Changes to IRS Tax Forms

IRS Health Care Tax Tip 2015-01, January 13, 2015 This year, there are some changes to tax forms related to the Affordable Care Act. Along with a few new lines on existing forms, there will also be two new forms that will need to be included with some tax returns. While most taxpayers will simply […]

Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Individuals and Families

Tax Time and the Health Care Law: The individual shared responsibility provision requires that you and each member of your family have qualifying health insurance, a health coverage exemption, or make a payment when you file. If you, your spouse and dependents had health insurance coverage all year, you will indicate this by simply checking […]

The Affordable Care Act and Employers

Information on Key Tax Provisions Affecting Employers FS-2014-10, November 2014 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains several tax provisions that affect employers. Under the ACA, an employer’s workforce size is significant because this information determines which provisions apply. The IRS is conducting an information campaign to educate taxpayers about some of the basics of the […]

Tax Facts about the Affordable Care Act for Individuals and Families

Details on Key Provisions Affecting Individuals FS-2014-09, November 2014 The most important ACA tax provision for individuals and families is the premium tax credit, which took effect on January 1, 2014. Individuals without coverage and those who don’t maintain coverage throughout the year must have an exemption or make an individual shared responsibility payment. These […]