New! If you are a business accepting tax exempt certificates…

If you are a business accepting tax exempt certificates (meaning your customer thinks they are exempt), you can verify that on the TN Revenue website.

TN Revenue Website

According to the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue:

“Tennessee businesses often have customers who wish to make purchases free from sales tax,
either because they intend to resell the items they are purchasing or because they are making purchases for non-profit organizations or for agricultural purposes. These businesses now have a new tool to help determine the validity of exemption certificates presented to them by their customers.”

“The use of this service allows business owners to simply type the account number and select the type of exemption certificate being presented. The search result shows whether the certificate is valid or invalid. This verification does not relieve the vendor of the responsibility of maintaining a copy of valid exemption certificates on file. This search also does not reveal any details about the business, protecting each business’ privacy as required under Tennessee law.”

So, if your business is accepting tax exempt certificates, visit The TN Dept of Revenue Website and look for the link for certificate verification.

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