2019 federal tax legislation starting to take shape

In the first significant action on tax legislation in the new Congress, the House Ways and Means Committee, on April 2, 2019, approved three bills, the Building on Reemployment Improvements to Deliver Good Employment for Workers (BRIDGE for Workers) Act (H.R. 1759), the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act (J.R. 1994), and the Taxpayer First Act (H.R. 1957).

All three bills passed unanimously, reflecting broad, bipartisan support. The Taxpayer First Act has already moved on to pass the House on April 9 on voice vote and move on to the Senate. Similar bills are being considered in the Senate. Still, as is typical of the legislative process in Congress, what emerges for final passage is likely to be somewhat different than what has passed the Ways and Means Committee.

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