Are You Defining Items in QuickBooks Correctly?

November 2012 Are You Defining Items in QuickBooks Correctly? Create item records in QuickBooks carefully, and QuickBooks will return the favor by running useful, accurate reports. Figure 1: Clearly-defined items result in precise reports. Obviously, you’re using QuickBooks because you buy and/or sell products and/or services. You want to know at least weekly — if […]


  Firm Partner, Tom Jones, suggests that high-income people should consider taking extra income in 2012 rather than possible higher tax rates in 2013.  Here’s a note that you can use as a base.   TAX INCREASES / TIMING DIFFERENCES FOR HIGH INCOME TAXPAYERS I’m sure you’re following the “Taxmageddon” that they’re talking about toward year […]

Ask a Question! SMJC is Here to Help

Having trouble understanding taxes? Still don’t understand what is going on in QuickBooks? Steele Martin Jones can help! If you have a question about tax law, preparation, QuickBooks, etc. Please ask. You can ask a question by commenting on this post, posting on our Facebook wall, or direct messaging us on twitter (@SMJC_Accounting). We want […]

QuickBooks 2013 Gives You A Reason To Upgrade

October 2012 QuickBooks 2013 Gives You A Reason To Upgrade Tired of QuickBooks’ cramped, claustrophobic screens and uneven interface? You’ll be pleased to see the 2013 version. You chose QuickBooks for a variety of reasons, a major one being its simplicity and usability. But the software is more than 20 years old now, and hundreds […]

Steele Martin Jones & Company Payroll Newsletter

Steele Martin Jones & Company Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors Payroll Newsletter Fall 2012   Lower TN Unemployment Rates Coming!  The “trust fund” that holds the TN Unemployment tax you’ve paid in has grown such that they can cut the rates a little.  We had been in the highest rates of the six tables.  […]

Intuit Steps QuickBooks Up a Notch

Intuit released new editions of QuickBooks 2013 on Monday, including Accountant, Pro, and Premier, with several significant improvements including an entirely new user interface. To read more, check out what “The Progressive Accountant” and Yahoo Finance have to say. Not only has Intuit released improved versions of Quickbooks, but has also  “souped up” QuickBooks online! (Read […]

QuickBooks Payroll Runs: Easy, Fast, Accurate

September 2012 QuickBooks Payroll Runs: Easy, Fast, Accurate If you’ve already set up your QuickBooks employee and company payroll files, the hard part’s over. It’s not just a catchy ad slogan: It’s true. Unless you have dozens of employees or numerous exceptions each payday, you can literally process a payroll run in just a few […]

QuickBooks Can Do Much More Than You Think

August 2012 QuickBooks Can Do Much More Than You Think No, you’ll never max out all of its features, but here are some tips on tools that extend QuickBooks’ usefulness – and save you time. Zero In On Key Report Figures You’ve undoubtedly created reports that were so lengthy that you got tired of scrolling […]

Backup Or Portable Company File? How To Decide

  June 2012 Backup Or Portable Company File? How To Decide QuickBooks provides two ways (actually, three)  to create a copy of your QuickBooks data file. When is each appropriate, and how do you proceed? When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that Intuit is able to pack the lion’s share of your financial […]

Gift tax repealed, TRA restructured, PAC bill dies

The TN Legislature has passed and sent to the Governor for his signature: · TN Gift Tax repealed effective Jan 1 2012. TN was one of only two states to still have a gift tax, so this was one that we’re pleased to see gone! · TN Inheritance tax will be phased out over the […]