Business Accounting Services

Financial Statements
As a business owner, one of the primary concerns is “How much money am I making?” or “Where is my money going?”

Steele Martin Jones & Company, CPA helps our clients see where they stand, and provide precise and detailed financial statements customized to fit their specific business needs. We regularly evaluate client’s financial situation in such a way as to recommend improvements if necessary, and make updates on an interim basis.  Financial statements are prepared monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the client’s need.
We can create multiple customized financial statements & reports, such as:

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Equity Statements
  • Historical or Comparative Financial Statements
  • Financial Information by Location or Class of Product

We can also serve as our client’s tax advisor and preparer of tax returns for all Federal, state, and local taxing entities.

Strategic Planning Services
Steele Martin Jones & Company, PLC is ready to meet all of our client’s financial management needs.  Many small businesses do not have controllers or CFOs on staff, and we strive to fill this gap as best as possible with our strategic planning services.  We can help you with many things including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with payroll calculation and preparation
  • Detailed analysis of financial statements to highlight potential
    problem areas
  • Detailed forecasts of future cash flows
  • Analysis of financial condition to advise on funding growth,
    product lines, acquisitions, refinancing, loan proposals, etc.
  • Bookkeeping set up and recording of transactions
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Bill paying and check writing
  • Internal control systems safeguard your assets
  • Training your employees in various bookkeeping functions
  • Filing contractor licenses and annual renewals
  • Accounting for employee benefit plans.
  • Consulting via telephone, email, or in person to
    address your other specific concerns

Business Consulting Services

Steele Martin Jones & Company, PLC provides an extensive range of business and personal financial consulting services including the following:

  • Most advantageous entity for your new or existing business:
      • corporation
      • S corporation
      • partnership
      • limited liability company
      • sole proprietorship
  • Retirement planning to set aside money tax deferred for
    future needs, including pension, profit sharing, and 401K plans
  • Planning for children’s college expenses
  • Representation and analysis of buy/sell arrangements to
    protect your interests and maximize your investment
  • Analysis and recommendation concerning new or acquired
    business ventures
  • Review of contracts, with emphasis on tax and financial aspects
  • Succession planning, including minimizing federal estate taxes
    and state inheritance taxes
  • Tax and financial implications of partnership agreements
  • Consulting in regards to employee benefit plans and cafeteria
    plans to reduce taxes for the employer and employee
  • New business start-up procedures
  • Employer/employee and independent contractor issues
    such as classification, conflicts, etc.
  • Preparation of loan proposals to include information to successfully
    obtain lower cost loans with terms you can meet